Case Study


RNDZ Limo is a Chicago based limousine company, that is expanding from the night life scene to corporate clientele.

Objective: Improve presentation of the company and increase engagement with online community on Instagram platform.

Our company has started working with RNDZ Limo when their Instagram had only 700 followers. We have created a high end website, promo video, as well as our team has been working on social media growth, management and content creation ever since December of 2021. Let’s dive in on the results we were able to achieve!

Brand Imagery

When RNDZ Limo approached us for a photography project, our team already had a high end vision for the photoshoot and the representation of the company. The right representation of the of the limo company is crucial in order to separate them on the market especially in Chicago area when it comes to online presence. We chose to create photoshoots in the downtown are as well as in front of high-end buildings such as luxury hotels and designer stores. Since the company primarily works in downtown area but we specifically chose to do all of our photoshoots downtown even though sometimes it can get challenging with heavy traffic and crowded streets.

RNDZ Limo Promotional Video | Chicago

This was a very interesting but challenging project. For this promo video video our goal was to present RNDZ Limo as a Chicago based limo company that specializes in a nightlife scene. Our team had navigated 10 luxury SUV’s and 2 Mercedes Benz luxury Sprinters on a cold Saturday night downtown Chicago. Constant communication was a must. Against all the challenges our team has created beautiful promotional video for a company.

RNDZ Website

Website is the power house of the company. Company’s website contains all the information that the potential customer/client will need in order to make a decision either to work with the company or to find a different one. For this project we created black on black design to represent the brand in consistent way. All of company’s vehicles and information for common questions as well as booking system was implement with a high end look.

RNDZ Social Media

In this day and age social media can either make or break your business. Since Instagram was number 1 lead generator for this company, our recommendation was to double down on Instagram as well as TikTok and push more content and get more followers and engagement. We started building out the page through content and monthly photo + video shoots. When NOVAHIGHT Team started working on this project, they only had under 700 followers. Within 10 months of working together we got them to over 40, 000 followers with $0 spent in advertising. All through organic content. our photos and video went viral all over Instagram, TikTok, and many more platforms with millions of views on many of our videos.

RNDZ Instagram Highlights

We have also created a custom highlight section for about the company and every style of the vehicle in order to streamline the process of booking by giving the potential clients all the information needed. Information that’s included in the highlights is the following: images of exterior & interior of the vehicles with features described as well as information about the company. This will help users navigate and understand the vehicle that works the best for their wants and needs.

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